Singapore Calling: The Harrisons Journey
Learn about what we are doing and how you can help!
Video 1: Why We Are Going to Singapore

When did we arrive in Singapore?

We moved to Singapore in May 2017.

How can you help?

You can help us by committing to pray for us and through a financial gift.

Where is Singapore?

Singapore is located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Singapore is situated between parts of Malaysia and Indonesia, and features a hot, wet climate and tropical rainforests.
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Video 2: Supporting the Ministry in Singapore
Video 3: How Can You Help?
Video 4: Question & Answer
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Harrisons: Singapore Calling
Dear Friends,

For nearly 26 years of ministry, I have given my life to minister to those God has sent to me. In May, 2017, Terilee, our son, Cole and I relocated to Singapore to serve in the ministry training of Christians from all of Southeast Asia, China, India and the Philippines.


In 2008, the Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) entered into an agreement with the Pasir Panjang church of Christ in Singapore to establish an associate school, located on the Pasir Panjang church property. Since May, 2017, I am now the Dean of the school. My duties include the administration of the school, being a liaison with the Pasir Panjang church, teaching and recruiting other teachers and travel throughout Southeast Asia, China and India for workshops, forums and recruiting new students.
We are uniquely qualified to reach this community.

I lived four and a half years in northern Japan while serving in the U.S. Air Force. When I became the minister for the Southside Church of Christ in Killeen, Texas (near the Ft. Hood Army base), I was able to minister to the large Korean community in that area. And in July of 2016, I traveled to Singapore to teach in the school for a two week intensive course on Biblical Hermeneutics. That was followed up with a survey trip taken by Terilee and myself in October.

In addition to being familiar with Asian culture, I also travelled extensively in Russia and developed a curriculum to teach CHARACTER COUNTS! (a program originating from the Josephson Institute of Ethics in Los Angeles) to Russian school teachers in order for them to incorporate character training into their school curriculum. Later I became the Curriculum Development Coordinator for the Josephson Institute and also served as a national trainer.

Today, in addition to serving as the full time minister for the Quartz Hill church, I also serve as President and an instructor for the High Desert Bible College.

Terilee is accomplished in her own right. She is an experienced business woman, owning the franchise for the Antelope Valley of the TEAM Referral Network. She has written four books and has become an international Christian speaker. She also volunteers her time to serve in the children's ministry at Quartz Hill and to serve with Cherished, an organization which helps the rehabilitation of women who've escaped from the sex industry.

Together, we make a formidable team to serve the Lord in SIBI-Singapore.

Would you give financially to help us train the next generation of ministers for Asia?

SIBI-Singapore is a unique opportunity. Singapore itself has become the financial and shipping hub of all of Southeast Asia, and has truly become an international city. Because of its international position, Singapore has the most liberal visa policy of all the nations in the area. This means that unlike many neighboring countries which heavily restrict who can travel into their country; Singapore welcomes students from throughout the region. Because of that SIBI-Singapore can welcome qualified students from any country, train them, and then they can return to their homes already knowing the language and culture and ready to teach others the gospel of Christ.

Having said that, Singapore is an expensive place to live, especially in terms of housing and food. 

That is why our goal is raise a minimum of $100, 000 in annual support.  
   Would you partner with us in doing this work?

Our Financial Breakdown by Month:
  • Housing/Utilities - $4000
  • Food/Clothing - $1450
  • Internet & Cell phone - $200
  • Insurance (Health/Accident) - $700
  • Public Transportation - $250
  • Travel - $400
  • School Tuition (for Cole, our 15 year old) - $1800
  • Miscellaneous costs - $600

Total monthly minimum necessary - $9,400

"One Hundred for One Hundred"

To help meet this need, we are seeking "One Hundred for One Hundred": we are looking for 100 individuals, families, organizations or congregations who will partner with us in this work by contributing $100 each month.

You will be giving to a lasting work.

Imagine this opportunity! You will be helping to train the next generation of ministers who will be serving three-sevenths of the world population. Christians have prayed for years to successfully and effectively reach the millions of souls in Asia. SIBI-Singapore is an answer to those prayers.

If you currently can't give $100, would you consider $50, or $25 a month? Perhaps you can only give one time. Any gift helps. We want you to join with us in this work.

You can begin making your monthly support for this work, or your one-time contribution for this work by going to and clicking on the "Donate" button and following the simple instructions.

Follow our journey on Facebook:

Help us to train a new generation of Christian ministers and teachers for all of Asia.

Yours, in Christ
Terry & Terilee Harrison
Donate $100/mo
Donate $50/mo
Donate $25/mo
Harrisons: Singapore Calling
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